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Provided strategies for segmenting, marketing and expanding the   business for a Chemical Manufacturing Company with stagnating growth

Advice to an Industrial product manufacturing company during COVID lockdown to resolve resource crunch.

Directions for a manpower recruitment company to diversify.

Helped a specialty clinic to increase foot falls through innovative social media marketing initiatives.


Assisted an auto component manufacturer to expand into adjacent  areas.

Revamped the launch strategies for a consumer product company

Re-aligned the marketing and distribution strategies for a consumer Product company.

Assisted a chemical manufacturing company to reduce inventory by 30%


Helped an industrial product company to look beyond their historical/ legacy areas of business

Assisted a software development company to decide their future strategies.

Revamped the marketing strategies for a consumer product company to accelerate growth.

Helped a large company to assess the        current status and formulate new strategies.


Evaluated the effectiveness of promotions and service levels of a product from a large public sector company.

Provided latest Industry updates to the entire marketing team through a domain expert.

Business Planning workshops for a cross functional team to  develop a “Business      Plan  Document”.

“One on One ‘Leadership Coaching and Team Coaching 
for MSMEs and large companies

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